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Neo Super Baltar Set

Neo Super Baltar Set

Released in the early 1960s, Super Baltar lenses immediately established themselves as the cine lens of choice for major motion pictures and television. The Godfather I and II were both shot with Super Baltars, as was Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and the iconic TV series Star Trek.


The original optical prescriptions and blueprints used to make the original Baltar and Super Baltar lenses were rescued from certain death in a landfill by a B&L optical engineer named Bill Peck when the company got out of the photo and cine lens business. Optical Designer Brian Caldwell has then used years to re-manufacture the lenses to their exact original formula. The look matches the iconic Super Baltar lenses as accurately as humanily possible.


  • The NEO Super Baltar cine lenses have a beautiful organic image with plenty of vintage character.
  • We engineer these amazing optical cells in high precision mechanical housing.
  • Since the glass is brand new, it’s now possible to build a matching copy if more lens sets are needed or if the lens element is damaged.



20mm T2.3

25mm T2.3

35mm T2.3

50mm T2.3

75mm T2.3

100mm T2.3

152mm T3

229mm T4



  • Lens Mount:  PL
  • Front Diameter: 110mm
  • Matched Focus/Iris Ring Locations: Yes (all focal lengths)
  • Iris Blades: 16
  • Iris Shape: Circular through all stops
  • Focus Scale: Metric/Imperial
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