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Film Production

About us

Red Eye Motion Pictures is a boutique camera, grip and electric

equipment house servicing mainstream entertainment productions,

commercials as well as select and unique independent films.

Red Eye offers fifteen years of experience supporting the needs of local and

international Producers, Production Managers, Cinematographers,

camera crews, grip and electric crews.


We don’t compromise with your equipment requests and will provide the best

Red Eye can offer. We are constantly upgrading our gear to keep up

and ahead of evolving technology with Red and Arri cameras and LED

lighting options. Our equipment is regularly serviced and kept rental-



Red Eye is located in the lower mainland a short distance from the

major studios and other grip and electric support vendors. This

provides prepping crews and transport drivers convenient, easy and

time-aware load-ins, load-outs, swaps and returns.

We would be happy to discuss your equipment needs and to provide

you with a competitive quote.

Red Eye Is Ready For You!

Are You Ready For Red Eye?

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