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ARRI WCU-4 FI+Z 3-Motor & UMC-4 Kit

ARRI WCU-4 FI+Z 3-Motor & UMC-4 Kit

Weighing approximately 1.7 lbs, including the battery, the ARRI WCU-4 Wireless Compact Unit stands out as one of the lightest hand units on the market. Designed for durability and all-day comfort, it offers reliable 3-axis lens control (iris, zoom, focus) and remote start/stop recording, along with various other camera settings. Despite being labeled as wireless, you also have the option to hardwire the unit to your camera for direct operation.


The WCU-4 includes several features to enhance lens control:


Vibrating Markers

This feature provides tactile, vibrating feedback, allowing you to stay focused on the action even in the most challenging situations. The hand unit vibrates to alert you when markers are reached or when there are camera alerts, such as nearly full recording media or low battery voltage. This ensures that you can concentrate on the set action without worrying about the focus marker’s position.

You can map your lens scales to an optional, pre-marked focus ring available in either metric or imperial scale.


Backlit Focus Knob

The smooth focus knob has an integrated light source that illuminates the wide focus ring in low light conditions, making focus marks easy to read. The knob's friction can be adjusted to your preference without any tools. The unit comes with a white focus ring, but you can explore other camera and lens accessories in matching colors within the expendables range.

Both the focus knob and the display have adjustable illumination levels, allowing you to dim or brighten them as needed.


Lens Data Display

The large 3” LCD on the unit body displays well-arranged, easy-to-read lens and camera information. With transflective display technology, readability is maintained in all ambient lighting conditions.


Additionally, data from optional ultrasonic distance measurement devices can be viewed on this screen.


Six soft buttons below the LCD change their functions based on the current screen content, with convenient labels appearing above the buttons to indicate their functions. If a button has no function on a particular screen, no label will be displayed.


Adjustable Settings

This controller allows you to adjust several key settings:

  • Frame Rate
  • Shutter Angle
  • Exposure Index
  • False color on monitor output
  • ND Filter (on/off)
  • White Balance
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