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Broken Anchor Zero Follow Focus Ring

Broken Anchor Zero Follow Focus Ring

The BROKEN ANCHOR DESIGN ZERO Follow Focus Ring,  allows you add follow focus gears to almost any photo/DSLR lens in an intuitive and reliable manner. Made of aircraft grade aluminum and featuring all the mechanics on the inside, ZERO has no obstructions on the exterior that can stop your rotation, and in turn provides you with seamless, 360° rotation. ZERO is designed to fit any lens from 60 to 92mm in diameter, and offers industry standard 0.8 MOD gear teeth compatible with any follow focus.


ZERO attaches to your lens via an efficient and secure mechanism. Simply slide it over your lens, rotate the front ring, and scissor-like arms extend out and fix firmly on the lens at three points. Rubber-padded and backed by an internal tension ring, the arms gently lock in place for slip-free and scratch-free operation. And all this takes under three seconds (more like under two). To remove the ring, press the release button and rotate the front ring the opposite way.


The scissor-lock action ensures that the gear is perfectly centered on your lens. Additionally, the large diameter of the ring results in a longer focus throw, providing you with a cine lens-like experience and greatly improving control accuracy. Move ZERO from lens to lens in close to an instant, and don't waste any time lining up the focus ring thanks to the seamless design.



  • Fits Any Photo Lens 60-92mm in Diameter
  • Internalized Mechanics, No Obstructions
  • Seamless 360° Rotation
  • Move from Lens to Lens in Seconds
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