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Canon HJ11ex4.7B IASE

Canon HJ11ex4.7B IASE

The Canon e-HDxs HJ11ex4.7B is an 11x super-wide-angle 2/3" lens built to offer high performance in HDTV news gathering. The lens is lightweight and can be relied upon under harsh conditions. Additionally, it's equipped with features such as internal focus and shuttle-shot programmable positioning. The focal-length range is 4.7-52mm with a minimum object distance of 2' (0.6 m). This lens also has a crossover element for preserving image angle while in 4:3 aspect ratio mode as well as a 2x extender for doubling focal length.



Mount Size: B4

Image Format: 2/3" CCD, 16:9/4:3

Focal Length: 4.7-52mm (11x Zoom), 9.4-104mm (2x Extender)

Aperture: Without Extenderf/1.9 4.7-40.3mmf/2.5 at 52mm; With Extenderf/3.8 at 9.4-80.6mmf/4.9 at 104mm

Iris Type: Manual

Focus Type: Servo

Macro: Standard



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