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Fujinon HA14x4.5BERM-M58 HD ENG Super Wide Angle Lens

Fujinon HA14x4.5BERM-M58 HD ENG Super Wide Angle Lens

The Fujinon HA14x4.5BERM HD ENG Super Wide Angle Lens supports 2/3" format cameras and offers features such as Quickzoom and Zoom Limit. Inner focusing allows the lens to move the inner lens group without altering its length, thereby ensuring stability while focusing. With the cruise zoom feature, you can set the speed to ensure a constant zoom speed.


In addition to a 14x zoom ratio and 2.2x extender, the HA14x4.5BERM lens offers Digi-power servo for production and other applications requiring high optical quality. The super wide-angle lens provides a focal length of 4.5 - 63mm (1x) / 9.9 - 138mm (2 x 0.2) and a maximum relative aperture of 1:1.8 (4.5-41mm) / 1:2.8 (63mm). With a minimum object distance of 0.3m and a filter size of 127mm (P = 0.75), the lens offers a QuickFrame option and can provide macro/close-up images.



  • Supports 2/3" Format Cameras
  • Inner Focus / Quickzoom
  • Zoom Limit / Cruise Zoom
  • 14x Zoom with 2.2x Extender
  • Digi-power Servo/High Optical Quality
  • Focal Length - 4.5-63mm / 9.9-138mm
  • Aperture-1:1.8(4.5-41mm)/1:2.8(63mm)
  • Minimum Object Distance - 0.3m
  • Filter Size -127mm / P=0.75
  • QuickFrame Option
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