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Laowa 1.33x Rear Anamorphic  Adapter (PL)

Laowa 1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter (PL)

Add a rear anamorphic adapter to convert your 16:9 frame lens into a 2:35:1 cinematic widescreen frame with this PL-to-PL Laowa 1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter from Venus Optics. The adapter mounts onto the rear of the OOOM 25 to 100mm T2.9 PL-mount cine zoom lens and maintains the PL mount for your camera.

The adapter creates 1.33x anamorphic squeeze to create the widescreen frame, but it does not feature any oval bokeh or expanded field of view as front adapters do. However, it does create extra artifacts and flares for a more cinematic look. There is a 0.5 stop decrease in light into the sensor when using the adapter. It is lightweight at 9.5 oz, has an 89mm diameter, measures 2.2" in length, and features a 29mm image circle.

The rear anamorphic adapter is also compatible with other S35 lenses, see the list below, and a measurement PDF is available to measure whether it fits different lenses.



  • For OOOM 25-100mm & Other S35 Lenses
  • For PL Mount Lenses & Cameras
  • Convert 16:9 Frame to 2:35:1 Widescreen
  • Cuts 0.5 Stop of Light
  • No Oval Bokeh or Expanded Field of View
  • Adds Artifacts & Flares for Cinema Look
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