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Ready Rig with VEGA Upgrade

Ready Rig with VEGA Upgrade

Step up your handheld video capture using the Ready Rig VEGA Kit v2. This combination of the Ready Rig GS Stabilizer with ProArms and the VEGA support unit enhances boom (up/down) movements while reducing footsteps and bounce motion. By redistributing the weight of the camera to the user's core and legs, this rig enables you to extend your shooting time by lessening operator fatigue.

The carbon fiber and aluminum Ready Rig VEGA Kit v2 kit is compatible with any gimbal and features a load capacity of 40 lb. Read more about the individual kit items below.



  • Ready Rig GS Stabilizer & C.F. ProArms
  • VEGA Vertical Axis Upgrade
  • PolyCore Bands for Improved Lift
  • Load Capacity Range of 1-40 lb
  • Reduces Bounce & Footstep Motion
  • Rear Handgrip for Spotter Use
  • Transfers Camera Weight to Core & Legs
  • Operate Gimbal Over- or Under-Slung
  • Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Soft Carrying Case Included
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