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Sachtler Video 18 S1 Fluid Head

Sachtler Video 18 S1 Fluid Head

The Video 18 S1 Fluid Head from Sachtler offers a broader payload range and a faster, simpler balancing system--it can now be balanced more quickly and easily than ever before. Due to the broader payload range, the Video 18 S1 is no longer limited to ENG and EFP uses and can now be used with a greater spectrum of cameras, including DSLRs. The new 16-step counterbalance system allows for exceptionally fine degrees of tuning. The Video 18 S1 can operate effectively with a minimum payload as light as 4.4 lb (2 kg).


Thanks to the fairly high density of the tripod heads in relationship to the camera, the heads are able to provide greater precision in panning than small and/or lightweight heads.


There is also a Boost Button for a quick payload range shift and the Video 18 S1 is therefore not only suitable for a DSLR camera shooting HD videos with a film-like setup and appropriate accessories, or more conventional digital and HDV camcorders in the ENG area (for example, when switching out a shoulder-mount camera for a handheld HDV camcorder or DSLR). The reliable Speedbalance technology enables quick and fine adjustment, no matter what camera you're using.



  • Broad Payload Range
  • Suitable for ENG and DSLR Shooting
  • 16-Step Counterbalance System
  • Speedbalance for Precise Adjustments
  • Boost Button for Payload Range Shift
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